Application Of LED Lights In Medium And High-end Cars

Since the birth of the world's first car in the late 19th century, people have been constantly exploring the lighting of automobiles. In particular, the headlights have always been the focus of research on automotive lamps. They have experienced acetylene gas, incandescent lamps and tungsten halogen lamps. After the Xenon lamp, in 1986 Nissan used 72 LEDs on the 300ZX car as the central high-position brake light, marking the beginning of LED applications in the automotive field.


As the "eyes" of a car, headlights require a more flexible light source. These light sources are not only reliable, they provide the right amount of light in all visible and driving conditions, but they must also perform a variety of functions to cope with changing environmental conditions, including the high temperatures of the headlights themselves. The appearance of LEDs has been in line with product demand. Therefore, it has long been asserted that LED lights will become the mainstream of the lamp market in ten years, but now it seems that the LED lights (combined rear lights) of the newly listed mid-to-high-end models have become mainstream. LED lights for vehicles are divided into two categories: decorative lights and functional lights. Decorative lights are mainly used for beautification inside and outside the car. At present, the control circuit is used to realize the decorative effect of five colors and ten colors. The function LED lamp is most suitable for the indicator backlight display of the digital instrument assembly, front and rear turn lights, brake indicator lights, position indicator lights, backup lights, fog lights, reading lights. Regardless of the type, they have many advantages such as no delay, energy saving, longevity, low heat, shock resistance, high color purity, etc., and have become an inevitable replacement for tungsten filament lamps and halogen lamps. Here are some of the LED lights that shine on mid- to high-end cars.


First look at a car interior lights, Infiniti QX56 extended version, LED starry lights is one of its highlights, sitting in the car you can see the stars.


Let's look at the functional LED lights: LED taillights are an innovative brake light and taillight that uses long-term LED light sources. They can signal other vehicles and pedestrians in time when the car is braked, turned or turned, making driving safer. LED taillights have excellent light source intensity and maintain high visibility even in fog.


Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II has greatly improved the performance of the transmission system by introducing cutting-edge technology, enhancing the control and practicality of the product. In terms of appearance, the front face of the new generation of the Mirage II series maintains the classic design of the Rolls-Royce family, but the bumper has been redesigned and introduced full-LED headlights and fog lights for the first time.


The light of the Audi A5LEDDaylight penetrates through the barrier of mud and rain, and the spiritual eyes are wandering in the air after the rain. It is called the most sharp eye of the Audi family so far.




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