Choose A Good Whip Lights For Your Off-Roading

LED Light Whips are not only fun accessory for your UTV or ATV, but also the best way to make sure your ATV, Jeep, dune buggy, or dirt bike is clearly visible at all times.

With multiple colors and sizes to choose from, a lighted whip is sure to enhance not only your safety, but your style as well.

How to choose a good whip light?

There are a few specific things to pay attention for when shopping for a new led whip.
But if you don't want to weed through dozens of them, just check out this three things.
1. Quick disconnect: DO NOT get a light whip without a quick disconnect option, you will end up taking it off your ATV or Side by Side more than you realize.
2. Waterproof: Ensure it has some sort of waterproof rating. The most common out there right now have an IP67 rating. This generally means it is waterproof as long as it is not left deep underwater for extended periods of time.
3. Build Quality: This one is especially important to pay attention too when getting a less expensive led light whip for your UTV or ATV.


LOYOS Dual Remote Control LED Whip Light

1. With Black Quick Release Base.
2. Silicone Coated for Durability & Vibrance.
3. Unique Design for Brighter Light Display.
4. IP67 waterproof: Sealed design to protect from water, mud, sand, dirt, wind, etc.
5. Resistant to Shock and Vibration.
6. 20 patterns to choose from, Adjustable Speed and Brightness
7.Wide Applications - LOYO RGB LED Whip lights compatible with all DC 9-30v vehicle, such as UTV, ATV, RZR, Polaris, Jeep, Dune Buggy, Sand Rails, Go Kart, Truck, 4X4, Off-road, etc,.

How to install the whip light?

This video from our friend @CautionJKU introduces in great detail: what's in the package? and how to install the whip lights to his bumper.
Watch together how to install:


If you still have any questions about how to choose or install a whip light, don't hesitate to tell us.

If you already owe a light whip, what type do you own? Let us know in the comments below. Or check our shop for more accessories for Off-Road.
Hope to see you on the trail.



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