How To Use LED Lamp For Novice On Road

The company is mainly taking the route of independent innovation, and fully strengthens the R&D investment and the construction of the R&D team. The products mainly use special LED lamps and LED headlights. The market is mainly to cooperate with the front-end famous automobile brands and the promotion of the back-end ground independent brands.


The hazard warning flash is the so-called LED lamp "double flash". As a kind of signal, it means that other vehicles and pedestrians pay attention to the malfunction of the car or have special circumstances to remind the passing vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention. Many car owners have not used emergency lights (double flash) for a long time, and even where the switches are, they don't know how to use them. The owner can check the manuals of the models used. Some novices drive on the road, although the mood is tense, but do not have an emergency situation, do not use the LED lights emergency lights for a long time, or pay attention to the car's voice prompts to close in time (double flash) after use, emergency lights should always check whether it is normal.


Listening to a friend who has said such a thing, I saw an old car owner, while driving, peeing out his body, waving his arms, shouting and yelling, but not turning the turn signal or emergency signal, the surrounding vehicles are avoiding, it is dangerous.


Night lighting is commonly known as LED headlights. The headlights are the "heart" part of the whole car. The "headlights" should be checked frequently. You can go to the professional repair factory to adjust the lighting height. You can adjust the angle to meet the requirements. The driver has the best view.


The use of headlights should be done when the car becomes a low beam, and the high beam will be changed after the car to look far. When passing through an intersection and overtaking, the passing vehicle should be prompted to change the distance.




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