Why You NEED Auxiliary Lights on Your Motorcycle

The Importance of Auxiliary Lights on Motorcycles

The essence of a motorcycle adventure extends beyond the thrill of the open road and the whisper of the wind against the helmet. It encompasses the understanding that safety is paramount, often in ways not immediately apparent to the spirited rider. In this vein, one crucial aspect often overlooked, until wisdom prevails, is the critical need for auxiliary lights on a motorcycle.

Statistics and Risks: The Need for Visibility

Embarking on two-wheeled ventures by daylight, one might dismiss auxiliary lighting as superfluous—a mere cosmetic enhancement for those who traverse the night. Yet, statistics and seasoned riders tell a different tale. Auxiliary lights are not simply about piercing the cloak of darkness; they are a beacon of safety, broadcasting visibility in a world where invisibility to others equates to risk.

Delving into the depths of safety studies, one finds the alarming statistics that punctuate the reality of motorcycle travel. Intersections emerge as harbingers of vehicular mishaps, with motorcycles facing a staggering 41-fold increase in the risk of accidents at unmarked crossroads, the peril multiplying by eight at every parking lot and driveway crossing, and tripling at the sight of traffic signals. These unsettling figures stem from the notorious 'sorry mate I didn't see you' (SMIDSY) incidents, where the lack of motorcycle visibility to other drivers often culminates in catastrophe.

Auxiliary lights serve as a deterrent to the frequent rear-end collisions at stoplights, augmenting the motorcycle's presence and alerting inattentive drivers from behind. This is more than comfort; it's a strategy for survival, embraced in regions where motorcycles weave through traffic, no longer sitting ducks in a row of mechanical beasts.

Introducing LOYO's Auxiliary Lights for Motorcycle

To enhance your motorcycle's visibility and ensure your safety, LOYO offers a range of high-quality auxiliary driving lights designed with both functionality and style in mind. Let's explore three exceptional options:


  • 60W Bird-Shaped Auxiliary Lights

Each piece LOYO Bird-shaped driving light offers 30W power and 3000lm brightness, ensuring powerful illumination. Enjoy 600% brighter white beams for wide illumination and focused low beams with a hard cut-off line for optimal visibility in foggy or misty conditions. These lights offer various lighting modes, including amber low beam, white high beam, amber strobe, amber left and right strobe, and amber & white light.

LOYO 60w Bird Shaped LED Driving Lights for Motorcycle

Featuring plug and play design, the package includes 2 motorcycle LED driving lights, a connection kit (cables, connectors, and handlebar switch), and all necessary fixings. The waterproof wiring kit ensures effortless installation and quick removal.

Two types of brackets allow for 720 degrees of adjustment for versatile installation options. This makes installation easy, even on curved crash bars or tricky angles. The light mode can be switched freely by connecting the on/off switch.

  • 40W LED Spot Driving Lights

This motorcycle auxiliary lights kit includes four pods, each carrying 4PCS 8W high-bright XBD LEDs. With a projector lens design for wider and further vision, these 40W 4000LM LED motorcycle spotlights provide bright illumination to significantly improve overall visibility during night drives. They offer a longer distance view, helping to detect and avoid obstacles and pedestrians ahead. The 6000K day-time white light output creates a soft visual effect, making it perfect for night rides and ensuring enhanced safety.

40w LED Auxiliary Light for BMW Motorcycle

These driving spot lights also feature plug and play switch wiring harness, including a relay and fuse kit, for easy installation on your motorcycle. Come with solid aluminum adjustable mount brackets, allowing for a plug and play setup on racks, bull bars, and grille guards with sizes of 0.75", 1", or 1.25" inch. The beam angle can be easily adjusted, offering a 360°horizontal and 180°vertical range. Additionally, the lights are equipped with protective guard covers to provide extra protection to the lenses. This kit is designed to meet all your travel needs with convenience and versatility.

  • 4.5 Inch 30W LED Laser Auxiliary Lights

These lights feature a unique shape with a fashionable clock style design and classic colors, creating a distinctive appearance that will upgrade your BMW motorcycle and make it more attractive.

Clock Design LED Spot Driving Lights for BMW Motorcycle

With a brightness of 3000k+5700K+12000k, these lights provide high illumination for optimal visibility on the road. They are DOT certified, ensuring their legality for road use. The built-in EMC function allows for easy installation with a plug and play setup. The lights also come with a unique breathing valve system that can be removed to allow the escape of inside air.


Don't leave your safety to chance. Embrace the power of auxiliary lights on your motorcycle and illuminate your path to a safer riding experience. Explore LOYO's range of auxiliary lights today and ride with confidence, knowing that you are visible to others and equipped to conquer any road ahead.

This blog, therefore, isn't just about advocating for an accessory. It's about championing a cause for visibility, for the safety of those who ride with the spirit of adventure in their hearts, and for the peace of mind that comes when luminosity triumphs over the shadows of uncertainty. Auxiliary lighting isn't merely a benefit for night riding; it's essential armor for the day, the dusk, and beyond.




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