How to Choose Rock Lights?

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Rock lights have become a very popular modification over the past few years with many different kits available for people. The problem is there are so many options, there are hundreds of different rock light products you can get and nobody's gonna go out and buy all of them and figure it out.

In this article, I will share my experience on how to choose rock lights.

Whether you use them on your Brodozer or your true Off-road rig, we're going to talk about five things that you need to keep an eye out for when choosing your rock light - mounting, wiring, control, color, & brightness, these are some things that you should consider when considering a Rock Light for your vehicle.
I'm going to talk about what I'm looking for in each of these five categories 
In terms of mounting, what I'm looking for is something easy to mount, I don't want to have to Swiss cheese on my vehicle

I want something that will just go effortlessly on the vehicle, so i don't have to spend hours drilling mounting and aligning. In a perfect world, you're gonna want either one in the absolute middle of the wheel well centered shining down or two, one in each corner of the wheel wheel, shining at different angles to cover the entire wheel and suspension.
When it comes to wiring, I'm looking for something that has waterproof connections, comes with enough Wiring to do my entire vehicle wires that are long enough to reach the front and the back of my vehicle, and just wiring systems that are easy to use and make sense.
When it comes to control, I'm looking for something that was designed in a system for switching or controlling it in some way, if i have to come up with my own switching system that's going to be less than ideal.
When looking at color, not only are we looking at the quality of the color, i'm also looking at how many different color options they have , do they have single color options or RGB, RGBW?
And then brightness, in my opinion, bright is best, what I'm really looking for is something that i only need to put two pods per wheel well into.
If I've got to put four or eight rock lights in each corner of my vehicle to get the desired effects, that's a problem.
So if these five categories are also your concerns, then LOYO rock lights would be one of the good choice.LOYO RGBW LED lights | Off-Road lamps

Why choose LOYO rock light?

Bright enough and RGBW color-LOYO  rock lights adapt high-quality CREE LED chips, each light outputs 9 watts of ultra-high brightness and high-intensity RGB colors for exterior car lighting. There is one led chip on the middle of device which can project pure white light.  And 7 pcs led chips in one pod, highlight rocks and debris, and make you safer to drive.

It‘s the brightest rock light in the market. You'll be definitely blown away by the brightness. 

Easy to control-You can change any color you want, red, yellow, blue, green, RGB, even pure white. You can easy to connect the lights and adjust the brightness, color, changing speed and strobescopic speed by APP.

Easy to mount- The RGBW rock light kit with pads and screws, can be easily to be mounted on the flat surface underneath of Jeep, Hummer, boat, yacht, motorcycle, ATV, SUV, Car, Boat, Dom, 4X4 off-road vehicles.

Long enough wiring-they have very long wiring so you shouldn't have any problem running from each of the four corners up to the front of the truck where your controller is located.

The controller is very well thought out: the rock light connects to a splitter, the splitter is built into the distribution box, the distribution box has a relay harness that connects to your battery positive and negative and then it has a built-in switch.

IP68 waterproof, dust-proof & rust-proof construction- LOYO rock lights are designed to withstand any heavy rain or harsh snow weather. Even if they work continuously underwater for three hours, they can still work well. 

Nothing compares to the glow that an LED rock light kit can add to your ride. Get the RGB+W rock light now!


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