2022 The best Jeep LED Tail Lights for Wrangler TJ YJ CJ

Jeep JT Tail Lights Upgrade

Upgrading and replace your old or cracked stock Jeep Wrangler TJ halogen lights with LED lights can not increase road illumination, therefore improve safety when driving at night. But also give your Wrangler a modern and stylish look.

Today more than ever there are a ton of LED options for different lights of each Jeep Wrangler Models, but still few options for tail lights on your 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ.

LOYO LED Tail Lights for Wrangler JT

If you are looking to enhance the look and adds custom styling of your Jeep Wrangler TJ with amazing LED tail lights, our dazzling X style smoked/Red Lens LED tail lights are all you are looking for.

Tail Lights Install and Review

As the newest design of 2022, LOYO X tail lights are an excellent all-in-one solution, specifically designed for the TJ, LJ, YJ and CJ wranglers. These tail lights provide plenty of innovative features and unique styling, will function much better than OE replacement style and make your Jeep stand our from other Jeeps or trucks on the road.

X Tail lights consist of high visibility LED panels, integrated reverse light, running light and brake light, making them the most complete LED system for your jeep. The OSRAM® LED chips have been superb in their performance as well as durability. Full LED light brings brighter Lights than Halogen, you’ll have dramatically better visibility when reversing at night, and be more easily seen by other vehicles and pedestrians.

LOYO X Style LED Tail lamp for TJ

These lights are made with a durable material in a secure ABS housing, features IP67 waterproof rate, which means they're protected from dirt, water, ice, and bad weather.

DOA/SAE complaint make sure the lights are legal for using on the road. With increased visibility and function and affordable price, this stop turn signal light is the best led tail lights for Jeep Wrangler TJ in your budget.

The tail light kit comes with everything you need to install the tail lights on your Jeep TJ. Featuring built-in EMC to Anti-flicker, installation is easy. 3 studs can be mounted directly on any flat surface. It with 4-color coded wire connection for quickly installation; Black wire is ground for tail and brake light, red wire is brake/turn signal, white wire is running light; Yellow & white wire is ground for reverse light.

Overall, LED lights use less current, are waterproof, produce zero heat, have longer lifespan and are much brighter. Long-lasting LED tail lights are an investment worth making for the enhanced safety of your Jeep on road or off road.

LED Tail lights brake lights for jeep wrangler tj

The weather is getting darker, backing out of the driveway and in a parking lot and things like that having reverse lights that actually work is going to be a big benefit. If you are looking for the best set of LED Wrangler tail lights, look no further, LOYO X tail lights is the right choice for you.

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