How to install LOYO® 7 inch King Kong headlight on Jeep JK

How to install LOYO® 7 inch King Kong headlight on Jeep

The one mod that every jeep wrangler owner needs to do as soon as they get their jeep is to upgrade the headlights. The factory headlights on these wranglers they barely have any light output. 

Today I’m gonna introduce you LOYO® 7 inch King Kong headlight.

Shop the 7” King Kong Headlights to upgrade your Jeep:  LED Headlight for Jeep JK

Why Choose LOYO® King Kong Headlights?

This LED headlights provide a high-performance safety solution  with improved light out put glare reduction, and EMC built-in to avoid electromagnetic interference and flicker issues.

Tough, die-cast aluminum housing with added scratch prevention technology on the mirror, anti-fog and hard-coated PC lenses to prevent cracking and formulated to resist UV or chemical damage. 

Also with the superior condensation management and DOT approved warranties that your lights are legal on the road, meeting section 108 requirements of the federal model safety standards. Your DOT compliant is clearly etched on the lens of the light.

Some facts about the King Kong headlights

- Fit wrangler JK, LJ, CJ, TJ (1997-2018) and Hummer H1 H2 (Also some motorcycles, such as Harley Glide series and Softail series)

- H4 harness with H4 to H13 adapter - Optional DRL Halo ring - Built in anti-flicker - CREE LED chips - 2 Rear Breather ports - 12 Month Warranty

-The King Kong headlights have a halo ring which comes on all the time and it’s also the daytime running light function.

How to Install the King Kong headlights?

Actually this headlight is Plug N Play, you can finish the installation within 15 minutes.

The video below from our friend @TacticalJK will show you how easy to install this headlight on a Jeep JK. And he will guide us how to connect the Day Running Light.


Just like @TacticalJK said:

Compare to the stock headlights, the new headlights beam the light more completely fills the area from the front bumper of the vehicle. Out to the cut off and we have much better visibility on the sides of the road.

When placed side by side, it's easy to see why led headlights are such an essential upgrade.

The headlights also have some really great high beams, the low beams actually don't cut off when you activate the high beams, so you've really got the whole headlight on.

So you get to keep that same up close visibility while also it's still in the light pretty far out there

Overall, If you have had the stock lights and want to change the headlight up, the King Kong headlight is the one you don’t want to miss.

Also, we have 9 inch King Kong headlight for JL and JT.

Build your Jeep and upgrade your lights. LOYO® provides high quality LED headlight, tail light, fog light and turn signal for Jeep, Harley, ATV/UTV, etc.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below.




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