What LED Tail Lights to Choose and Why?

When it comes to tail lights, you got two options.

Option 1, take your stock tail lights and replace your old bulbs with new bulbs. Or option 2, swap them out entirely for something like LED light assembly

By far, the easiest way to upgrade your brake lights, rear turn signals, parking lights and reverse lights, is to take your stock tail lights off the truck, and totally replace them with new assemblies.
The cool thing about totally new tail light assemblies is, they look better, they're brighter and they're super easy to install, absolutely no modifications in most cases, and something like the huge C tail light from LOYO, have built-in led side markers built-in led parking lights, built-in led brake lights, and built-in led reverse lights. There's nothing you need to do, take plug off, put plug on, the wire harness on the back of these is going to have the same connector that your original tail lights have. You take the old tail lights off, You pop these ones in place, everything's plug-n-play, you drive away. It's easy as that. Now you got better, cooler brighter tail lights.

Other than better performance the aftermarket tail lights for different vehicles also have different functions that yours don't, like a scrolling sequential rear turn signal.
So today I’m gonna introduce to you, the LOYO Huge C tail light, which is widely and highly recommended by a lot of Jeepers from all over the world.

Huge C LED Tail Light - The BEST Jeep JK LED tail Lights

Huge C tail light brake lights

These LED lights have cool appearance, are gonna finish out your JL look, actually more like a JT(also the King Kong Headlights are more of a JL style). Because these have the light ring that’s kind of in a C shape and that’s what the gladiators have.
So for the light arrangement it has LED running lights that surrounds the perimeter of the taillight and it also has brake lights on the top and bottom sections.And the reverse lights are in the middle bar.
There are two breather ports on the back in case they started developing any moisture, there are some cooling fins. These taillights are also dot approved and they have a built-in anti-flicker harness so won’t get the rapid fire blink that you see on some jeeps.

Jeep wrangler led tail light for JK JKU

Some facts about the Huge C LED tail light:

  • Durable black ABS housing, clear PMMA lens.
  • Breathing hole design to avoid moisture.
  • 20W high power reversing light, Waterproof IP67.
  • Built-in EMC, easy installation just plug and play.
  • Compatible with Jeep wrangler JK JKU 2007-2018.
  • There are two versions for different country, ERUO version and USA version, choose the right version for your Jeep.

Installing tail lights on your jeep is super simple.
All you are gonna need is a drill with a Phillips head bit or screwdriver, either one will work.

On the factory tail light, there’s four screws, one in each corner. And you’ll need to remove the two that are closest to the middle of the jeep in order to free the factory tail light. And then to get the tail light completely free. You’ll want to push towards the center of the Jeep and then pull directly out.

On the back of the tail light, you’ll want to pop off the dark gray harness and set it back into the Jeep, and then you’ll want to disconnect the light gray harness by pressing on the release tab.Then to install the new taillights.

If you get confused which side goes where. Just keep noted: The wiring harness is always on the bottom. And you should be able to figure it out using that. First plug in the new tail light and then you’ll just want to set them back in the  headlights slide. Be sure to push it flush against the Jeep and then push out to lock them into place. Then you have to do is secure the tail light back into place with your two factory screws.

With both side installed, you have yourself new tail lights. It’s kind of bright on the side, what inspecting to be so nice, can’t see any individual LED lights.

The stock light sparked about 20 feet away from the wall, that’s definitely pretty weak. Compare to the stock light, the huge C tail lights are so much brighter, they are really shining light, kind of all the way up the wall almost.

 Difference between stock light and LED light

Here is also a video for you if have no idea how to install it.


If your third brake light is pretty much completely covered by the spare tire, now you can rely on the brake light. On the new headlight, you can clearly differentiate between when just the headlight on and when you’re breaking. 

There are many advantages to replace the traditional incandescent bulbs with LED lights.
Brighter LEDs are instantaneous, shine as soon as a current is passed through, making your tail lights more noticeable, faster. Use LEDs on your vehicle is a great first step to staying safe on the road.
LEDs last longer, they are durable. Because there is no heat or filament to snap, LEDs can offer a longer lifetime. You just need install them and enjoy consistent quality for years to come.

For the best LED automotive lighting selection in the world, check us here. 

LED technology is an improvement over the factory lighting on your Jeep Wrangler, your tail lights should not be overlooked.

If you are gonna build your Jeep with LED lights, check us here, we provides high quality LED headlight, tail light, fog light and turn signal for Jeep, Harley, ATV/UTV, etc.

Anyway, leave a comment or email us if you have any questions.

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