How to install Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights

Jeep LED Headlights Installation

In this blog, we’ll show you a step by step tutorial on how to install led headlights on your 2018 and up JL and JT

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Let’s dive right in now. 


Choose the right size LED headlight

The first thing that we're gonna need for our installation is the headlights.

This installation process is going to be the same no matter what 9 headlights you're installing on the jl or jt. For reference, you can also install a 7 headlight which was standard on the jk, but you'll need a special bracket on the JL


Prepare the tools youre gonna need to install the headlight

All you're gonna need is some basic hand tools to get this diy job done. This is definitely something that you could do at home with some basic hand tools.

So the first thing that you're gonna need is a flat head screwdriver, there are some clips that we're gonna have to pop  off.

And you're gonna need a 10 millimeter to get the bolts off of the headlights themselves.


Step 1. Open the hood on your Jeep Wrangler

The first step to getting these led headlights installed is to open up the hood.
If you don't know how to do that, drive your jeep back to the dealership and return it...Just kidding.

It's just two latches you are gonna open these up, and then simply flick the tab and the hood will go up.


Step 2. Remove the grill of your Jeep

The grill is held in by six push tabs that are on the top and five clips that are on the bottom and two underneath the headlights which is not screwed in. You're going to need to grab your flat head screwdriver to pop off the six tabs on the top.

To remove the push tabs all you need to do is grab your flat head, pull out the middle, and then you want to go underneath the whole thing and just simply pop it out.

Repeat that process on the other five clips on the top of the grill to remove it entirely.

Don't worry if you have a little bit of trouble pulling the grill off, it is a little bit tough. And what you need to do is just pull in these areas, there's five on the bottom and two underneath the headlights just like I said before, it will come off. You just need to give it a good firm tug.


Step 3. Undo the stock headlight

After getting the grill off, the three bolts that hold the headlight in have been exposed. Then we can use a 10 millimeter to remove the bolts.
With the headlight undone you can simply pull it out, and then undo the wiring harness on the back


Step 4: Grab your headlights & install

You want to make sure that you identify which one is for the passenger and which one is for the driver. Actually the one with a big tab at the bottom that usually faces in is for the drivers. Sometimes they're marked, sometimes they're not, but you want to make sure that you get them on the right way.

Some kits may come with a canvas, this is going to help with some of the anti-flickering, whether or not your kit comes with. This is going to depend on which one that you buy. And you need to plug them in.

Next you need to grab the OEM wiring harness and plug in the new led headlights until you hear that beautiful click.
Like mentioned earlier, you need to look out for the tabs around the headlight, because it's going to slot in and make sure that you got the orientation correct, you can then grab the three bolts that we removed in an earlier step and bolt these new headlights in.
And just like that, you got the led headlights installed, all you need to do is rinse and repeat on the other side.
But for fun you can have a look at quick comparison between the led with the stock halogen first.

These new led headlights will be  so much brighter than the old halogen headlights they came factory on the wrangler, and allow you to blind all of your neighbors, assert your dominance and become the king of the cul-de-sac.


Step 5. Finish installation

After the new led lights are installed, the last thing that you need to do is slap back on the grill, slam the hood.
And take it for a ride.

This step by step tutorial is easy to follow and I hope you enjoy!
Leave your comments below and let me know what led headlights you're running, or if you have any questions.

Don't forget keep on Jeeping. 


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