How To Remove Jeep Wrangler JK Factory Headlights

7 Round LED Headlights Assembly for Jeep Wrangler JK

Are you tired of your old factory headlights? How to swap out your boring factory headlights for a set of brand new LED replacement headlights? Those old style incandescent headlights lack the brightness and style that came in your Wrangler from the factory really leave a lot to be desired.

In this blog post, we've got a 100 level course for you, and that means it's one of the easiest jobs that you can do to your Jeep. And we're gonna talk about how to replace those old-style factory headlights with a set of brand new LED replacement headlights. This is a beginner-friendly job that can be completed in just a few minutes using basic hand tools.  

Required Tool List:  

Before we begin, make sure you have the following tools handy:

  • - T-15 Torx Driver  
  • - Flat Head Screwdriver  
  • - Panel Pry Tools (To help pry some of those clips out. Optional, but helpful)  


Step1: Remove The Grill

To get started on this job, you need to pop the hood on the Wrangler and remove six panel clips located along the leading edge of grill. These clips hold the grill in place and provide access to the headlight bucket to remove the headlights. Simply use a flat-head screwdriver and insert the screwdriver onto the head of the clip and with a slight twisting motion of the screwdriver, you can pop the head right up, lift them up with your hand and this is where that panel removal tool comes in handy if you need a little help. Go ahead and insert the panel under the clip to pry it up. But if you don't have a panel tool, there's a nice little trick you can do. You actually just pull up on the grill a little bit while pulling up on the clip it should lift it right out of there for you. Go ahead and get the rest of the clips out of the way.

After got all clips removed, next step is to unplug the electrical connector behind both of  marker lights on the grill, then we can get the grill removed. 

Now the only thing left holding the grill on the front of your Jeep is a couple pressure clips down at the bottom edge of the grill, only way to remove them is to give the grill a good firm tug and that'll release all those clips for you.

Step2: Remove Headlight Bracket

Using the T-15 Torx driver and move the four screws that are holding the silver retaining ring around the headlight. Once the screws are removed, the headlight should come out. There's a little red locking tab on the back of the headlight needs to be pushed first and you can simply squeeze the tab, remove the electrical connector from the headlight. 

Step3: Install New Headlights

Now it’s time to install the new LED headlight into grille. For this demonstration, we used a set of LOYO 7 inch Dragon Eye LED replacement headlights, these headlights use an h4 style connector, the same with most replacement LED headlights on the market use this style connector. However, the connector inside of our Jeep is an H 13 connector, the Dragon Eye LED Headlights come with H 13 to h4 adapter and buit in anti flikcer harness- pulse width modulator to prevent your new LED lights from having any kind of flickering issues.

7 LED Round Headlights Assembly H6024 Headlight replacement for Jeep Wrangler JK

You can simply plug the H13 side of the connector into the harness on the Jeep making sure to reconnect that red locking tab and then connect the h4 side to the pigtail coming from the headlight and simply tuck all of wiring up behind the headlight.

And then, grab the trim ring off of the original factory headlight. There is a seam right at the bottom, place the ring right around the new LED headlight and then use those original screws secure the headlight into the grille.

Repeat the same steps to get the both side headlight swapped out.

Final Steps: Reinstalling the Grill

With the new headlights installed,,the only thing left to do to finish up install is to reinstall the grill. It's pretty easy while you have access. Reconnect your turn signals with the grill uninstalled. 

Don't forget to connect those two red locking tabs and then you just want to line up your pop clips on the bottom with the holes in the grill support. 

After you push all those back in place, grab those clips you've removed and simply reinstall them pushing the top down as you go. If any of those clips came apart when you're removing them initially, it's easy. You can simply install the base of the clip first, the top half of the clip will be slightly keyed, so you simply line that up and then push that clip back in place. 

Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded your Wrangler with new LED replacement headlights. Enjoy the improved brightness and style that these headlights provide.




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