The Changes of The 2024 Jeep Wrangler - Exterior and interior

When it comes to off-road American Icon Vehicles, It doesn't get much better than a Jeep Wrangler, the company has been selling this name played in the US for nearly 40 years. And back in 2018, the company introduced an all-new version of the Wrangler called the JL. Now because it's been on the market for a few years, it's time for Jeep to give the JL Wrangler its first round of updates.

So now, here comes the 2024 model. It got some new styling updates front and rear. Some new technology and a new trim level called the Rubicon X. We're going to go over all the changes the Jeep has made with the exterior and interior first. 

2024 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon X Upgrade

Changes with Front End

  • Grille and Bumper

When you take a first look at the styling of the 2024 Jeep Wrangler, you can see it pretty much still looks similar to the JL Wrangler that we first saw back in 2018. But the biggest change that jeep has made on the outside is the new Grille.

Grill of 2024 Jeep Rubicon X

Jeep actually introduced it in the late 2023. And a lot of enthusiasts again don't really love change, weren't the biggest fan. Seeing it out in person, you’ll find that the Grille itself isn't quite as tall as the old pre-refresh model. Jeep also added some black accents to it they have different finishes on the grill, depending on the trim. There's also a new kind of air intake feature in between the slats Jeep set, that was necessary to allow for the cooling for this vehicle, because the Grille isn't quite as tall.

Jeep says they had to do a newer Grille that was not quite as tall because they needed to make room for the factory worn winch. You can now get this on the Rubicon models as part of a two thousand dollar up charge. This is rated to pull a maximum of 8000 pounds. Jeep was really listening to owners because it's one of the biggest modifications that jeep owners actually purchase as a winch. This is again Factory backed, it's backed by the factory warranty. It's tested to be safety, tested to work properly. So the winch is a great option.  

This Rubicon X model the picture showing you is painted in the beautiful shade of Earl Gray. It's kind of like a bluish gray cement kind of color. It's a very trendy color but it looks really great especially on the lines with all the graphics that you find on the Rubicon 4xe.

Most of the higher trim levels of the Wrangler if you go for the Rubicon and up trims, you'll have full LED headlights with LED daytime running lightsLED turn signals, and also nice LED fog lights

The Rubicon X trim also comes standard with the steel bumper Group which again this is great for off-roading, which is typically a 2000 dollar up charge.

  • Windshield

One of the other notable changes is there is no more antenna on the side of the vehicle. The Wrangler is one of the last vehicles that still had that old Mass style antenna that flopped around the wind. Now they've integrated that antenna into the actual windshield of the vehicle. So it's just got much more of a cleaner look. And then this model has the forward camera system for the adaptive cruise control you're going to get that as standard on this Rubicon X trim level

Changes with Side Profile

  • Wheel

Moving around to the side profile of the Wrangler, this is continued to be offered in a two-door and a four-door configuration. Jeep says that most buyers purchase the four-door model because it's just so much more practical. Its wheelbase is 118 inches long. It's overall length for this model is around 188.5 inches long. If you go for the extreme Recon 35 package with the 35 inch tall tires, it does lengthen the vehicle because of that spare is larger to around 192 inches long. So that's going to make this vehicle even longer, for those of you who plan to fit into a tight garage.

Wranglers all got new wheels this year. There's a total of 10 new wheel options. This 17 inch machine two-tone with a black inner spoke design is one of them, which is part of an optional wheel that you have to pay 15 hundred dollars for. It's got the blue accents there because this is a 4xe. These are a 33 inch tall Goodyear or BF Goodrich all-terrain tires. keep in mind, you can get a 35 inch tall Tire. However you can't get the 35 inch tall tires on the 4xe. You have to step down to a gas only version or purchase a Rubicon 392. 

There's now two trail rated badges, typically with only one on the driver's side. There's now one on the passenger side because they got rid of that mask antenna. And there is the charge port door for the 4xe. This vehicle has an onboard 7.2 kilowatt hour charger which means it'll take around two and a half hours to fully charge this vehicle on a level two. Jeep says you get around 21 miles of electric only range.

The power One Touch Sky roof  is going to be standard if you go on the High Altitude trim which is only available on the 4xe. This is a great option that really lets the sun in, really easily at the touch of a button. You can still remove the doors, you can still fold down the windshield, you can also take these little side panels out for those of you who want that open-air experience which is nice.

And then coming around the rear of the vehicle. Pretty much no changes back here.

Changes with Rear End

When you go for the LED lighting package, you'll also have full LED tail lights, your blind spot monitor is going to be integrated right there into the actual side of the tail tail light and you have blue tow hooks that are mimicked from the front, they're carrying over to the back nice full size spare tire with a matching alloy. If you go for the extreme Recon package, they'll give you a bigger spare tire which is going to increase the overall length of the vehicle.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon LED Tail Lights

  •  Cargo Area

Then comes to cargo area. This is a reason why everybody tends to buy the four-door Wranglers because you get around 28 cubic feet of storage space on 4xe. When you have that seat up, underneath the seat, there is a little bit of storage where you can put the mobile charger that's included with the vehicle. If you fold down the seats the battery pack actually lives underneath the back seats of this vehicle it does expand the cargo to around 67 cubic feet. If you go for a gas only version of the Wrangler, it'll actually have five more cubic feet versus the 4xe because the battery does take up a little bit of space.

  •  Interior

So moving on to the interior of the 2024 Wrangler. The V8 powered Rubicon 392 with red interior which is the only configuration or trim line to get the red leather. It’s the premium Napa leather has Rubicon 392 embossed on the actual seat packs themselves. These are heated seats and if you go for this trim and a Rubicon X and a high altitude, you'll get a 12-way power front seat system. So both the seats have a 12-way power adjustment. These seats Jeep says have also been tested to withstand extreme conditions and they're also tested to extreme wet conditions. So if you plan to drive this vehicle through like a creek for example, and these get wet, they are guaranteed to work.

Jeep Rubicon X 2024 interior

In terms of the rest of the Interior, the screen in the center  is a 12.3 inch touchscreen display running their latest Uconnect 5 software. This is standard even on the base version of the Wrangler. So if you go for the basic sport trim with manual windows and no cruise control, you still get this massive 12.3 inch screen with Wireless Apple carplay and Android auto and over-the-air updates.  

They're only upgrade really for this screen is embedded GPS which this model has. Most of you probably won't care about that because you're going to be using your smartphone. The touch screen itself is responsive the graphics are also bright and clear. Jeep says that they've tested the screen to again be able to withstand the elements when you have the top down if it gets wet if it gets covered in dust for example and it also is designed to be extremely bright even in bright sunlight so you should be able to still see the screen it won't get washed out.

The steering wheel is unique to the 392, it has the ability to do a tilt and telescoping function but the range of motion isn't a lot for the telescope, so kind of try the seat out make sure you can get a comfortable driving position. I do love the fact that the power seats allow you to kind of get that Precision for exactly the point that you want to stop it at which is going to be great if your example off-roading you need to make a little seat adjustment.

You also get paddles on the wheel which are actually metal on this model, they're mounted to the actual wheel itself and then you have your usual controls for the cruise control. This vehicle also does come with adaptive cruise control no heads up display, and the dash has been fully redesigned to incorporate the bigger 12.3 inch display. The upper trim has really nice real leather stitching with the contrasting stitching, you have a grab handle as well you have redesigned air vents.

And then the instrument panel practically the same Jeep says, they could have done with a fully digital display here, but they decided this was going to be better with owners, because they didn't want to overwhelm you with two screens so instead you have a 7 inch helper screen, two analog dials as well and then you have the big 12.3 inch display.

The upper portion has been redesigned to incorporate kind of like an accessory rail if you take off the cover over here you can mount things like a GoPro, your smartphone to here. Jeep says that it's one thing that owners really requested which is why they wanted to include something like that.

When you put the vehicle into reverse, there's a backup camera which gives you a front and a rear view you also have a front camera washer as well if you want to clean the camera or clean the rear glass. The graphic and the resolution has certainly improved.

For this vehicle you’ll like how quick and snappy it is. You have dual zone climate control, three level heated seats (but no cooled seats). You have the auxiliary switches, front and rear locking differentials with your sway bar, a full-time four-wheel drive system with a traditional manual lever, with a traditional pool style handbrake, this is all pretty much the same... The interior definitely feels pretty upscale. Jeep also says they've added more sound deadening materials on the higher trim, so it should be quieter.

Overall they've made this interior more premium, more comfortable. But it also still has all the functionality and the ruggedness that buyers expect in a Wrangler.

The back seat of the Wrangler is the reason why you're going to want to go to the four-door model, because you get around three more inches of legroom back at around 38.5 inches. It's one of the reasons why the four-door Wrangler is actually a relatively popular family car and if you need to expand the cargo capacity, you basically just pull the little lever and the seat will create a relatively flat load floor.  The V8 model doesn't have the battery pack like in the 4xe that's raising the floor up so you get slightly more cargo space up to 72 cubic feet when you have all the seats folded these seats.

The one other big safety Tech that jeep added this year is the fact that all Wranglers except for the base sport Model come with side curtain airbags. Though it's a safety Tech that's been around for decades, but Wranglers have never had side curtain airbags until now. 

They've really done a good job of integrating it into the actual roll cage of the vehicle. So basically the airbags will come out even though you've taken the roof off you've taken the doors off, and this is a great safety feature to push to your spouse If you're considering this vehicle as a family car.

The back seat has an armrest that folds down and gives you two cup holders no additional storage, however like a little center console storage area. And there's speakers on the roof and part of the roll bar here in something like the Ford Bronco, there's a completely barless area here so you have an uninterrupted view. For 5ft 7ft there's a pretty good amount of head space. good leg room, you can even cross you legs if you like. An there's soft touch materials back the door as well, which is nice with padded leather.

Overall, as a family vehicle as you can see the Wrangler definitely excels. More information please check Review.




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